Guaranteed 30% Annual Return on Real Estate Investments in Turkey.

The profitability is fixed in USD (US dollars) in the contract, not in Turkish Lira
A 30% return is specified in the contract.
How does the profitability guarantee work?
The following conditions are stipulated in the agreement with the developer:

  1. You invest in under-construction real estate.
  2. You are granted the right to relinquish ownership of the apartment no earlier than 12 months.
If you choose to exercise this right - as per the contract, the developer is obliged to reimburse you for the apartment's cost + 30% of the apartment's value.

3. In the event that you retain ownership rights to the apartment - within a month after the project is completed, you become the owner of the apartments.

4. The contract outlines specific deadlines BY WHICH the developer undertakes to pay the interest on the apartment.

5. The profitability is fixed in USD (US dollars), not in Turkish Lira.

Please familiarize yourself with a sample contract with the developer
In the contract, you can find all the conditions for receiving the 30% return, timelines, as well as consult with your lawyer or receive advice from our realtor, who is independent from the developer.

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